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Příspěvek  Chrono741 Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:42 pm

Co byste řekli na multiplayer v DFku ?
Já si myslím že by to byl senzační nápad Very Happy
tady se to řeší : http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=26680.0

bohužel neumím moc anglicky abych si to přečet všecko ,ale tohle jsem si přeložil a nebyl by to špatný nápad Very Happy
# Dwarf Arena: Survival Coop Arena - waves of monsters attacking. See who can last longer, and how far you can go. New random events and monsters every "battle"
# Dwarf Island: Dwarves all start on a small island, with next to nothing, after surviving a shipwreck. Fight to survive! Survive until help arrives! Or be the last dwarf standing! (dwarves at sea? yea, unlikely scenario. Either way, it'd still be fun!)
# Dwarfquake: Spinoff of the "Dwarf Island" idea -- only a bit more plausible. A sudden earthquake hits your forts area, caving in the surrounding tunnels. A rock hits you and you black out. Suddenly you awaken somewhere else, having (by the looks of it) fallen down a small chasm, into a natural cave. With no digging tools, and a few bruises, search the caves, defend yourself, and try to survive until help arrives. Find other dwarves struggling to survive & team up. Or hunt them down for their goods in order to preserve your own survival! "Dwarf meat is better than no meat!" "Hey, he had the only barrel of ale and wouldn't share!"
# Dwarf War: Large field, 1z-level (to decrease lag), many troops. Choose your side, and fight for glory! Help your side win.
# Dwarf Siege: Siege a human castle! Pre-generated, random castle! z-1, z0, z+1 and maybe z+2. Using pre-embark options to buy certain units and items for the siege. Maybe even using MagicJuggler's idea we can set up PvP siege events.
# Dwarf Dungeon: Using MagicJuggler's other idea, we can have large expansive caves and dungeons, pre-generated randomly, for small dwarfenly fun. Traps, monsters. The Point? Kill the evil boss -- be it Demon, Dragon, Cyclops, or even an Dwarf Dungeon Master gone Crazy!
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